This forum was created because the new owners of 3dcart (now Shift 4 Shop) have indicated in their forum that they will start deleting and banning users for openly discussing their issues on the forum. We feel this is the first move to totally shutting down the forum, and so have created this forum as a backup place for all the users to come, if they do start banning people.


The only rule for the shift 4 forums unauthorized community forum is that the admins of this forum have the total right and ability to delete any post or ban any user. We probubly won't do this, but if you're a jerk we will. So how is this different? Well for one, you can talk bad about shift 4 shop all you want. But we also hope you will talk about the good things they do as well. And help out fellow users who have problems.

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Thinking of signing up for Shift 4 Shop?
Up until recently, the Shift 4 Shop forums were open to the public or anyone interested in learning more about them to read and comment about topics. In February of 2021 they closed the forums to the public and made it so only active merchants are allowed to sign up.

If you are thinking about switching to Shift 4 Shop and have some questions, please feel free to ask them here or post a new topic.

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